Kicking off a new year the right way should involve a retrospective look at the past, in part to immortalize those great moments that will surely not be exactly replicated. While it is important to highlight moments that bring a sense of pride to your work, it is also useful to think about the fundamentals that made these moments relevant in the first place. For us, it is the fact that they represent a statement to our motivation, our drive, and our engagement, which are based on this idea that with the right learning tools in the hands of students and educators alike, new opportunities can be created and leveraged for the greater good; engraved in the belief that education and technology are the great equalizers of our age; and fueled by the vision of a world with no technology gap, where students are afforded the chance to quality education and the opportunity to acquire relevant skills.

Now that we have addressed the why of our most memorable moments, let’s dive into more specifics about what took place in each of them.

  1. Small Steps but Big Impacts,“Cap Haitian” and “Plateau Central” got Introduced to BRAVO.

For many years, the rural population of Haiti has been lacking basic resources, touching a number of aspects, including Education. Closing that divide between rural communities and their urban and global counterparts is a vision that we take at heart; and taking concrete steps towards it has surely been one of our proudest accomplishments in 2018. So, in partnership with world vision, we have embarked on a mission to introduce our school management platform: “BRAVO” to 15 schools. During the months of April and June 2018, we have offered computer training to more than 33 school administrators and teachers in combined locations, resulting in the distribution of 26 certifications to attendees who successfully completed the closing evaluation. In other circumstances, these acts could have been insignificant, but witnessing these training sessions being the first time attendees would learn how to turn on a computer, seeing the air of hope that was born in the face of teachers and administrators alike, as they took their first steps toward gaining access to resources that will enable them to better educate students entrusted to them, we could not help but to share their hope and further renew our commitment to this work.

2 . An Annual Gathering Gives Rise to a Movement of Hope and Collaboration

When stakeholders of the education sector in Haiti came together to discuss the integration of technology , it sent a beautiful message about our strength when we unite instead of divide, when we see our commonalities instead of our differences. This is the message that resonated at the 2018 Edtech summit, as about 500 participants (including students, professors, school administrators, Edtech leaders) gathered to explore existing and possible solutions to issues affecting their daily experience in or outside the classroom. As a team, the sense of success that we feel regarding launching the first Edtech summit in Haiti lies more on the impact that hosting such an event can have on participant. The hope that was awaken in the youth, the possibilities that were seen by administrators as they listened to panel discussions, are what we strive to inspire, far beyond the walls of an annual gathering.

3. Beyond 2018…

It is one thing to reflect back on memorable moments, but without evaluating them to re-create, adjust, and find inspiration, it becomes a reminiscence with no place in the present, let alone the future. To address needs arisen in 2018 either from being in the field to offer training in Cap Haitian and Plateau Central, or through discussions that took place around organizing the first edition of the Edtech Summit, we will focus in 2019 primarily on increasing access to computer labs, by undertaking a systematic project; as well as taking steps to make useful data more available for decision making within the Haitian education system.

As we are riding through this road of uncertainties and challenges toward bridging the technology gap in Haiti, we can’t wait to share with you the valuable lessons that we will learn along, and the unprecedented accomplishments that we are confident we will achieve.

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