BRAVO: online-offline learning support platform

BRAVO is a world-class learning support platform specially created with the needs of the developing world in mind.

Highlighted Features

Online and Offline

People living in the developing world usually only have sporadic internet access. BRAVO is built with state-of-the-art offline and synchronization capabilities that allow for use both in online and offline mode.


Bravo is built to work on the browser and in all major operating systems (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android) to allow for device-agnostic usage by teachers, parents and school administrators.

Course Management

The primary purpose of Bravo is to enhance the learning experience. Therefore, Bravo comes with a course management module that will allow teachers to share information and course materials with students and parents and better mange their teaching.

Grades Management

BRAVO aims at reducing the time teachers and schools administrators spend managing grades by 50% by providing an easy-to-use interface for grading of homework and exams and automatic calculations of class statistics.


Bravo will also feature a full fledge communication module for schools to contact teachers and parents more easily and exchange pertinent information in a timely fashion.