We implement programs for end-to-end integration of technology in schools in low income communities throughout the world, starting in Haiti.

EMO-Haiti enables schools to effectively use technology to manage the learning process and outcomes of the students. This is achieved through BRAVO, a custom-built offline-online learning assistant platform that connects parents, teachers and school administrators for a quality education. Offline-online capabilities are critical to connect schools in areas with limited internet access and for continued learning during natural disasters and political turmoil as is often the case in countries like Haiti.

End-to-end technology integration also includes students having access to coding and technology education. This is achieved through a robotics initiative that aims to equip 10,000 Haitian kids with computer programming skills within the next 5 years. In a pilot program organized this year, we gave free Arduino kits to about 50 students and challenged them to build a robot to solve a local problem. The creations of these students with limited to no prior coding experience included a robot to assist vision-impaired individuals, a fire detection and alarm system, and a robot for automated trash removal in large bodies of water. The winning teams were announced during the 2019 EdTech summit, EMO-Haiti’s annual gathering of teachers, educational entrepreneurs, government officials and school administrators to connect local stakeholders and accelerate the integration of technology solutions in every single school in Haiti.


We organize the first and only annual robotic competition to introduce young Haitians to computer programming in a fun and practical way.

We aim to introduce 10,000 Haitians to computer programming and robotics through this program. Every year, teams of 3 from high schools and undergraduates programs throughout the country compete against each other to solve a given challenge.

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Learning Assistant Technology

We are building BRAVO, the first online-offline learning assistant technology to ensure every Haitian has access to the highest quality education.

We believe very single school in Haiti and elsewhere needs to be brought to a level where technology is used daily to improve the learning experience of the students. With BRAVO, we aim to achieve just that by connecting parents, teachers and school administrators via a unified technology platform to monitor student progress and ensure a quality education.

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EdTech Summit

We organize the largest annual gathering of teachers, parents, entrepreneurs and government officials around technology and education.

We believe we cannot achieve this vision alone. Moreover, we believe every stakeholder needs to be properly engaged in making the future that we envision possible. Our annual EdTech summits bring together parents, teachers, school administrators, education entrepreneurs, education companies and government officials to discuss the latest advances and plan for the future.

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