The Challenge

Teams of 3 members were assigned a robotic kit and challenged to build a robot that can solve a local problem. The robots were judged primarily based on creativity, complexity and completion. The judges were selected from a pool of accomplished engineers and professionals. The teams exhibited their robot during the second day of the EdTech summit on July 23 where attendees had the opportunity to interact with them as they demoed their work.

First Prize

Team Alpha Psi

The winning team for the 2019 competition was “Alpha Psi”. All 3 members are high school students at College Adventiste de Diquini, in Carrefour, Haiti: Laguerre Medgünowsky, Mingot Gabriel and Elisme Deudelie G.
They had no prior experience with robotics but managed to learn and build something within 2 months. Their robot, named Optimus, helps blind people navigate around obstacles. They are the winners of this year’s competition.

Second Prize


The team members are: Mexile Ronsard, Roger Phillipe and Midy Abed David. They are currently pursuing their post-secondary education and had little prior experience in robotics/coding. They are not in STEM-related fields.
Their robot is named Tessa and is built to clean hard surfaces and sort out the trash collected.

Third Prize

Team ExpoTech

The team members are Mondesir Kevin, Auguste Frantz and Roderson Fleurvil. They are all students at Institut d’Enseignement Supérieur TechnoSource (Tabarre, Haiti) with little prior experince in robotics. Their robot, Kernel-005, is build to send an alarm to your cell phone when it detects fire.